What Was I Thinking???

Monday, June 20, 2011
Things have been a little stressful lately...
  • Filling out adoption paperwork
  • School year coming to an end (grading papers, report cards, students that are already ready for summer, etc)
  • Remodeling the house
It is at this time that I decided to go off of sugar for one week! What was I thinking? I'm crazy I tell you, CRAZY!! I'll tell you...I was getting out of control eating sugar. Just look at all of the stressful events surrounding me...and my hands gained a mind of their own...feeding my mouth peanut butter cup after peanut butter cup (mini's of course...LOL...like that makes it any better). I was so out of control that I just felt gross at the end of each day!! So, to heck with you sugar!! I vowed myself off of it for one week...and I FEEL GREAT!!

In regards to my stress...
I am so close to finishing the first set of adoption paperwork...I can almost taste it. The paperwork, itself, is pretty much finished...there is just one page that I am dreading filling out. Other than that, I just have some copies to make of different licenses (marriage, drivers, etc) and then we need to get our fingerprints done.
With school...GET ME OUT OF THERE!!! I don't know who's more excited about the summer, me or the students. I feel like I started the countdown long before my students did. What I wouldn't give to be a stay at home mom. Summers are great, but they are so hard towards the end because I become so spoiled being with Emily. It always brings me to tears at the end of summer.
And finally, remodeling the house. Craig and I have been at a stand-still for quite some time now...and if the past is any sort of an indicator for the future...we will be butting heads when I start bringing up ideas, to-do's, etc for what I would like to accomplish this summer. I never look forward to the process...just the end result.

Just a couple more days of no sugar...I feel good, but boy do I miss a good butterfinger at the end of the day...who am I kidding...I love a good butterfinger at the beginning of the day, in the middle of the day, AND at the end of the day!!!


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