Diapers VS Little Swimmers

Friday, June 3, 2011

So...today I picked up Emily from a friends house and she shared a pretty cute story with me...not so much about Emily as it is about Craig.

Last night I had an evening event at work, so Craig took the evening shift with Emily all by himself...and it happened to fall on a night that she had swimming lessons. So, fast forward to me picking up Emily, the following day, from my friends house. She told me that when she held Emily this morning, as Craig was transferring the car seat into her car...she noticed that Emily was SUPER wet. As soon as Craig left, she went to go and change Emily's diaper...and LOW AND BEHOLD...Emily still had a little swimmer on!!! HA HA!!!
I called Craig so that I could have a good laugh at his expense, and he actually put her to bed, the night before with her "little swimmer" on...poor Emily!! She really has never been the one to complain about dirty diapers...but that is just sad! I guess Craig figured that the "little swimmers" were super water holders..."why else would you use them in the swimming pool?" I love it!


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