Summer Goals

Saturday, June 18, 2011
    Whenever I have a break from school, my husband gets very concerned. Why, you ask? Because I tend to create lists of things that "I" want to do, that include a lot of hard work from "him". It is usually around that time...that a slight disagreement ensues. Let me give you an example...there have been times where I have wanted to rearrange/re-purpose a room, but I would need his help putting up shelves. There have been times where I want to rearrange the items in the kitchen cabinets. This one has always stumped Craig (yes, that means this has occurred more than once) because I really don't use the kitchen, I rarely ever cook, and it frustrates him to no end because he can't find anything. There are time where I want to go through closets and gather stuff for the goodwill, which means that I want him to find the time to go through all of his clothes too. Craig has learned to run and hide about a week, or so, before my breaks and to not appear again until the break is over. Well, summer break makes that extremely difficult for him to do.
    This evening, after dinner, I did my best to ease into the conversation of what I wanted to do this summer. I was naive enough to start off by asking him what goals he had for this summer. He was quick to catch on, and replied with, "Not do what you want me to do!" DANG IT!!! He's on to me....abort mission...abort mission!!! I made a quick recovery and just explained that, "Yes, I do have things that I want to get done around that house...and yes, I do completely understand your response to my question, but I most all of my goals this summer do not include you...however there are just a couple of things where I will need your help." Craig was much more susceptible to listening after that.
    So, with that long are my goals of things that I want to accomplish this summer. I look forwarding to sharing each of them with you here:



1.  I recently bought a sewing machine at the Fair this past year and haven't used it like I wanted to. This summer, I want to SEW!!! I want to sew dresses for Emily. I want to sew tops for myself. I want to sew baby gifts, toys, blankets, etc. I want to sew!!! I have found a handful of blogs that give great tutorials, so I will share those blogs, and do my best to document my sewing projects with you this summer.
2.  I have been running a little bit lately...and by that I mean about two times. It's that second run that allows me to pluralize this word run to runs!! My goal this summer is to run in the morning, three times a week...the Ruston Way Waterfront...down and back. I used to do it all the time in high school, so it shouldn't be that bad, right?

3.  With as much as I love to cook (that statement is FULL of sarcasm), I really don't have an excuse NOT to do it when I have the summer off. I would really look bad if I still expected Craig to cook dinners, when I'm home all day long, for the most part. So, I bought all of the materials to make this menu planning board...which I found from "A Girl And A Glue Gun" blog. I plan on making this within the next week or so, so that it will hopefully help me to get organized with having to cook. We eat out WAY too much. If I can get the hang of cooking different recipes and find ones that are easy enough for me...then I want to keep it up when I go back to work in September. So, my goal this summer is to find those recipes that are DELICIOUS...but are also super easy and quick to make. I just don't want to spend my evenings stuck in the kitchen.
4. This goal kind of goes along with #2 and #3. I really need to work on changing my eating habits. I feel like, since Craig and I are always on the go...that eating at home just isn't our first option. We tend to look for quick and easy...and relaxing, since we have both had a hard day at isn't at the top of our priority list to cook a healthy meal. Well, that has to change now!!! Along with my running goal and cooking goal, I think it is obvious that I'm looking to drop a few pounds...tighten things up a bit if  you know what I mean. So, for the world to see...I want to lose 10 pounds this summer...more would be wonderful, but I will count my blessings with 10.
5. My last goal this summer is to put our home updates back into motion. We worked super hard at updating our living room, dining room, and kitchen. All three of those rooms still have a little finishing touches to be done. I would like to finish those small details and then move into a couple other rooms in our house. The three rooms that I want to focus on are my itty bitty craft area, the soon-to-be office in the back, and our spare bedroom on the main floor. This is where Craig comes in...which is what he was all worried about with our conversation that I shared earlier. I need the man to hang a couple of shelves and move a couple pieces of large furniture with me. I'm sure he will be happy to do both of those!

Picture     So, those are the things that I will be blogging about this summer. I feel like I am creating my New Year's Resolution...which I never ever do because I am confident enough to know that I will never follow through with it. Well, here's to trying...wish me luck and stay posted! I will do my best to keep you updated.


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