Andrew's Emergency Surgery

Friday, July 12, 2013
These last few months with Andrew have been such a roller coaster ride. Four months ago I noticed a change in Andrew's stools. His stools became very watery for a number of weeks and so I decided it was time to take him in to the doctor to make sure that everything was OK. The doctors first response was to test to see if Andrew was having a reaction to dairy, so he asked us to use a dairy free formula for a couple weeks to see if his stools would go back to normal. Following the 14th day of trying a new formula...with no change in his stools, we went back to the doctor. As the doctor checked out Andrew, he discovered that Andrew happened to have an ear needed to start him on antibiotics which would have an effect on his stools. This meant that, for the time being, we would have to ignore the problem with the stools as we moved forward to take care of the ear infection.
The frustration was that...we would have to take 10 days for the antibiotics and then wait another couple of weeks afterwards to wait for the meds to pass through him to see if there was still an issue with his stools. We are now about 6 weeks past our first visit regarding his stool issue. There was still no change with Andrew's stool at this back to the doctor's office. The doctor checked him out again...and couldn't figure out what was going on, so he suggested we wait another week to make sure the antibiotics were out of his system. At this point, I was super frustrated.
Don't get me wrong...I LOVE our pediatrician. My frustration was not with him. Andrew has always been a difficult baby. He still struggled with sleeping (we were still just getting about 3 hours of sleep in a row), Craig and I would take turns in the middle of the night attempting to soothe him, babysitters had to have a thick skin to watch him for just a few he would cry the entire time. I remember taking him in to his doctor (a different doctor...we switched due to unprofessionalism) because I KNEW that something was not right with Andrew. He had spent most of the night crying...and not just any cry, it was a painful cry. The doctor just told me that he was a very difficult and colicky baby. I left in tears because I knew something was wrong.
Flash forward, back to Andrew's stool issue and my extreme frustration with the lack of answers. After 4 months of no answers...the SCARIEST DAY OF MY LIFE happened...
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