DIY Button Monogram

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I found a ton of “pins” on pinterest with these beautiful buttoned monograms and I knew that I wanted to do one for Emily’s room. I followed this link to a great tutorial, Element Monogram Tutorial by Jen Jockisch

Materials Used:
~Spray Adhesive
~Hot Glue
I scrolled through all of the fonts on my computer and found the “E” that I liked the best. I used “word art” so that I could make it super large and bold enough to be able to fit a bunch of buttons inside.
For the frame portion, I cut out a piece of cardboard that would fit perfectly into the frame. I then used the spray adhesive to evenly glue my fabric piece directly to the cardboard and then over all of the edges to wrap around to the back. Then I placed it into the frame and closed the back of the frame just as I would if I placed a picture inside.
I took the piece of paper that I printed the “E” on, cut out the “E” in such a way that it kept the paper in one piece and simply had a hollowed out “E” in the center. By doing it this way, I could tape the paper in place, on top of the fabric, and begin placing the buttons inside of the “E”.
I started with the larger sized buttons first so that I could evenly disperse them throughout, followed by the medium sized buttons to fill in the majority of the “E”, and then ended by placing the tiniest buttons to fill in the left over holes.
Once everything had found it’s place, I started gluing it all down, one button at a time. 

When I glued the very last button, I removed the paper (some of the paper did get glue on it, so I used tweezers to pull of the paper out from the glue under the buttons)…and I just LOVED the finished product. It turned out so much better than I imagined, and it was so much fun to do!!
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