Emily's Artwork For Dad

Monday, December 17, 2012

 One of the things on Craig's Christmas list this year is an art project from Emily. I wanted it to be something pretty cool that he could easily display on his desk at work. I saw a few examples of this style of art on pinterest and so I thought Emily would have a lot of fun with this.

~ 5x7 Canvases
~ Paint
~ Paint Brushes
~ Sticker Letters

1. I started with two blank canvases and Emily decided what she wanted her art to say for her dad, "I Love My Dad"

2. Once the stickers were in place, Emily went to work to cover both canvases with her favorite colors. I encouraged her to cover the entire canvas so that so more white color was showing. That way the letters would stand out better when they were removed.
3. Last, I waited for the paint to dry and then I used tip of a knife to help me removed the stickers. They came up really easily and I was so pleased with the end result!! I just know Craig will love this!


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