DIY Chore Chart

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Now that I am staying home full time, the need for these charts quickly presented itself. I'll begin with the chore chart. Honestly, this chart is more for me than it is for Emily. There are so many things that Emily can now do on her own but I kept doing them for her out of habit. I'm simply going through the house grabbing things as I go and constantly picking up...which is doing Emily a disservice. For example, Emily is absolutely capable of taking her dirty dishes to the sink all by herself. She is able to pick up all of her toys when she is done playing with them. She can get dressed and (for the most part) she can brush her teeth all by herself. These are all things that I was doing for her because I just get in that mindset of "", I want to clean up, put things away, get her dressed and ready, etc.

I created this chart so that Emily could see what needed to get accomplish in the morning, the afternoon, and in the evening before bedtime. She loves checking the chore chart and moving her magnets from the "to-do" side over to the "done" side.
Here is how I created it:

~ 12x12 frame
~ 12x12 metal sheet (I found mine at my local craft store: Artco Crafts)
~ 12x12 scrapbook paper
~ Glittery Stickers
~ Jeweled sticker strips
~ Glass Beads
~ Craft Glue (make sure it dries clear)
~ Chore Pictures From The Internet
~ Magnets
1. I found all of the chore images online. I copied and pasted the images onto Word and sized them small enough so that I could use a circle cutter on them.
2. Cut out the images and use your clear drying craft glue to glue them to the bottom of the glass beads.
3. Use the craft glue to attach the magnets to the back of the beads.
4. My 12x12 wood frame needed to be painted so I used two colors of acrylic paint and then I sanded it down a little bit so that both colors came through.
5. I then attached the metal sheet to the frame using my craft glue and then glued the scrapbook paper on top of the metal sheet.
6. I used my jeweled sticker strips to the divide the chore chart into two columns with three rows.
7. I finished it off with the glittery stickers to label the columns: "TO-DO" and "DONE"


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