DIY Reward Chart

Saturday, December 15, 2012

In addition to finding a need for a chore chart for Emily, I also that she was ready for a reward chart. I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to go about doing off to Pinterest I went. I found an amazing post from, "Life Sprinkled With Glitter" on a great reward system that I followed with just a couple of adjustments to match our chore chart. The post goes into great detail on how this works, but I'll just give you a brief summary. Basically, Emily starts each day with all of her "coins" (on our chart they are princesses) no matter how many "coins" were lost the day before, you start fresh each and every day. When Emily displays poor choices/behavior she has to give me a princess. I let her choose which princess she wants to give me (at the age of three she already has her favorites that are always the last to word...Cinderella). When she makes good choices she can earn a "coin" back. The goal is to have ALL of her princesses by the end of the day. If she has all of them, then she earns a sticker. If she doesn't have all seven princesses then she doesn't get a sticker. Once she earns 10 stickers then we can go to the store and she can pick out a $10 toy. NOW, if she is really having an off day and happens to lose all of her coins before the end of the day then she can not earn her coins back. She will have to wait until the next day to get her princesses back. 

The thing I love about this system is that it is a visual for her to see the effects of her choices/her behavior: good or bad. It also starts to teach her about money. For example, if she wants a toy that is more than $10, she will begin to learn to "save up" stickers and wait just a little longer to earn a toy that worth more money. 
This system has worked out very well for Emily. She loves her princesses and she loves picking out a sticker to put on her board at the end of the day. The first two weeks, we tried very hard to try and allow her to earn a sticker each day so that she could quickly learn how this system worked and so that she could get her first reward. There were only a couple of days where we just couldn't get her to end the day with all of her "coins", no matter how much grace we gave her. Poor Emily just had a few seriously off days. However...we made it to 10 stickers and she was SO excited to get her first reward. She picked out her very first Princess/Barbie Doll: Princess Aurora. Emily hasn't let her new doll out of her sight. 

~ 12x12 frame
~ 12x12 metal sheet (I found mine at my local craft store: Artco Crafts)
~ 12x12 scrapbook paper
~ Glittery Stickers
~ Jeweled sticker strips
~ Glass Beads
~ Craft Glue (make sure it dries clear)
~ Pictures From The Internet (I Chose Princesses)
~ Magnets

The steps are pretty much the same as my Chore Chart Post...the only difference is that I made a chart on white paper with boxes to place her stickers in. The wide box at the end is to fill in with the name of gift she chose, ie: Sleeping Beauty Doll


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