It's Official...I am officially a PRIVATE SCHOOL TEACHER!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Do you know how long it has taken me to write those words...It's Official??? WOW, so much has been going on this summer it is ridiculous!!! I don't even know where to begin.

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So, towards the end of the school year I wanted to test the waters in finding a job closer to home. Considering the current economy, it didn't take too long to realize that this really isn't the time to look for a new I put it to rest. I want to say, the week following the end of the school year, my friend informed me that our church's private school is looking for a middle school math and science teacher. I was super excited when she told me because this is the school that I want Emily to attend and, even though Emily has a number of years before starting school, it is SO VERY important to me to be close with her. I just love the idea of teaching at the same school that she would be attending. I love the idea of being able to see and accompany her on each of her "first day's of school". I love the idea of having her come to my classroom at the end of the school day to work on her homework as I finish up grading papers. Everything about this opportunity screams DREAM COME TRUE!!!

I called up the school to let them know that I was interested...and as though they were waiting for my call, they immediately set up an interview with me. Following the first interview with the principal, the process practically took up my entire summer, unfortunately, but I will take this VERY long story and shorten it up.

At my first interview, the principal told me that I was one of his top picks and that he had already chosen me, and two others (out of 11 interviewers), to have a second interview with the headmaster of the school. So, the next week I had my interview with the headmaster...and it was one of those interviews where you were positive it had to of gone better than I thought it did, because I really didn't feel confident about the interview once it was over. Sure enough, however, I received a call from the headmaster, by the end of that week, asking if I was interested in a different position: the 7th/8th grade science teacher. I was THRILLED!!! I LOVE teaching science! Now, it wasn't an official job offer, just an idea that the headmaster had and needed to run by the principal.

Still trying to cut this long story down...August rolls around, and I haven't heard anything. Wondering whether I have a job with them or if I'm staying at my current school, I decided to call them up. They called me back the next day...still with no "official" answers. They told me that their enrollment was down, and they want to, and WILL be offering me a job, they just weren't sure what my schedule would be.

Fast forward another week...and FINALLY I was made an offer!!! They wanted to offer me the 7th/8th grade science position AS WELL as wanting me to play a lead role in their new Math and Science Institute (MSI). I was honored...and a bit nervous as to what that job description entailed. Craig and I were both hugely a bit concerned with the pay cut, knowing that private school teacher's pay drops down significantly from a public school teacher's pay. Fortunately, the school made it a point not to drop my pay too much in hopes that I would accept their offer. YES!!! YES!!! I'LL TAKE IT!!!!

Now, all of that to say...that this job TERRIFIES me!!! I no longer have the job security that I had at the public school. I am terrified that my science knowledge is not at the level that they are expecting! I'm terrified that this lead role in their MSI is too much for me to tackle. I'm terrified that the economy is going down...which could play a huge role on the enrollment, and ultimately my job.

I just need to cast my worries on THE ONE that is in control of all things. I truly feel that this is a new calling on my teach in the private school. And, ultimately, if it is only for a season...I know that God will continue to guide me in the right direction. Craig and I have already been talking about possibly taking a year and teach abroad. How fun would that be???

Well, there you have I said, IT'S OFFICIAL!!! I am excited and terrified, but I am up for the challenge!!!

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  1. I am so happy for you! What private school are you teaching at? In relation to your fears, God will provide! ;) Take care and God Bless.


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