Adoption Update

Wednesday, August 10, 2011
Well...we finally received an email from the agency that we chose to work with. They let us know that they have fully processed our application and that they are ready to move forward with the next step...the prescreening interview. I was really surprised to get this email because Craig has yet to find time to get his fingerprints done for our background check...though, I'm sure that the agency understands that that can be a lengthy ordeal.

The scheduling of the interview was a little difficult, but the agency was able to be extremely accommodating and they allowed us to schedule a weekend interview with them. However, they were not able to schedule a Pastor to meet on the weekend, so we will have to find a Pastor at our own church to perform that part of the interview for them...PERFECT.

I am so excited to be able to move forward to the next step of this process!!! Our interview is scheduled for September 10th. Keep us in your prayers. 


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