Andrew's 3 Months Old

Thursday, October 25, 2012
Andrew, you are growing up so fast! You have such a beautiful smile and your sister just loves play with you. You are such a trooper to humor her with your stares and your smiles. One of Emily's favorite things to do is to do grab her old baby books and read them to you as you play on your mat. She has tried to teach you "patty-cake" but your little hands just aren't ready...Emily doesn't quite understand that.
You haven't been able to roll over yet, but you just don't like to spend too much time on the floor...and you aren't afraid to let us all know that you are ready to be picked up. So, to the rescue I come.

Like I have said before, your eyes are hypnotizing. You have so many expressions that you have shown us...just through your eyes. I'm so jealous that you have already mastered the art of raising one eyebrow at a time. It's super cute.
We are still dealing with your colic phase. My prayer is that your outgrow this soon. I have heard that it can start to go away in the third we are just crossing our fingers and taking it one day at a time.
Because of your colic, I have been given a lot of suggestions from friends. Changing my diet was a popular suggestion...getting rid of wheat and dairy. My response is..."Well, what else is there?" On to the next popular suggestion...try a chiropractor. I absolutely LOVE my chiropractor and felt 100% comfortable bringing you to him. It didn't take long after starting to visit the chiropractor that we started noticing a small reduction in your colic at night. You started to go down for bed a little quicker each night. Now, if only you would sleep more than three hours at a time in the evening!!!


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