Andrew's 5 Months Old

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Look at this little man!!! What a cutie pie! As you can see, you have such a gorgeous smile which we now have the privilege of enjoying throughout the day. This 5th month has been a bit rough for us all...though more for you, Andrew. You went under the weather for the first time shortly after turning 5 months. It hit you when we started to sleep train.
There are a few things that I wanted to work on with your sleep habits: your lack in the ability to self soothe and being able to sleep longer than three hours at a time throughout the night. I have been reading the book, "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" and started to implement some of the strategies. After a couple of days, I was seeing absolutely no progress and decided to make an appointment with your doctor to go over the strategies I was using. Our pediatrician is absolutely amazing and totally supported the strategies and agreed that it was time for you to learn how to sleep on your own...without mom and dad trying to soothe him for, at the very least, 30 minutes before you would fall asleep in our arms...but this is a whole other discussion/post, so we can come back to this later.

During the appointment I also wanted the doctor to check you out because you were starting to get a cough, which concerned me because Emily just got croup and I desperately tried to keep her away from you so she wouldn't pass it on. The doctor confirmed that you were getting sick and that it would get worse over the next few days, so she suggested that we hold off on the sleep training until your cold passed, which we were happy to do.
 A few days after that appointment, it just didn't seem like you were getting any better and you were so I made another doctor's appointment. It turned out that you had a DOUBLE ear infection. Poor guy!!! And then again, a few days later...after being on antibiotics, you still weren't getting back to the doctor's office we go. After getting checked now had bronchiolitis. Awww Maaaaan!!
It has taken a few weeks, and a lot of sleepless nights, but we made it through and things are finally starting to calm down. This 5th month was a struggle, but we made it!


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