Andrew is 2 Month's Old

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 are just the most handsome little man ever!! Your eyes are absolutely piercing. As we entered into the second month you have made it extremely clear that you are your own person...not a thing like your sister. One of the biggest differences between you and your sister: you despise the binky with every cell in your body. This has become so disheartening to me and your father because you are extremely difficult to soothe (especially since you entered into your colic phase). know what you want, WHEN you want it. Unfortunately, the only way you can express this to your father or I is by screaming at an ear piercing level. Because of this, your father has taken a liking to ear plugs (yes...this is absolutely true)
This colic phase is so difficult for us, as parents, because we can drive ourselves crazy trying to figure out how to help you, how to help soothe you. You are not a fan of your bouncy chair or your swing. 
Honestly, I thought that colic was fake...just a label that parents gave to their kids when they didn't know how to handle their own babies. I always thought that if you were patient enough that there were many ways to help your baby settle down and cuddle. BOY...WAS I WAY WRONG!!! This colic phase is like clock work. As soon as you completed your 8PM feeding, you just wouldn't stop crying...well, let's call it what it really is: wouldn't stop screaming...for a number of hours. We have tried to change your diapers, bounce you, pat your back, place you in the football hold, feed your some more, shoosh you, sing to you, rock name it...we tried it...every night. There have been some evenings when we had to take shifts so that we could get some sleep. 
I do not wish a colic baby on my worst enemy. This phases is so difficult, so frustrating!!! It has brought me to tears because I want to help you but I can't and it pains me to hear you screaming for hours on end. 
HOWEVER, my joy comes in the morning!! Just look at those eyes...all is forgotten when you wake up and look at me with your beautiful eyes and I get to smother you in kisses! I pray that your colic goes away soon...for your parent's sanity and for your own quality of life...I want you happy my little angel.
WEIGHT ~ 11 lbs 15 oz
HEIGHT ~ 23 in   


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