Getting Rid Of The Binky

Sunday, October 23, 2011

WOW!!! Craig and I...OK...Well..."I" thought that it was time for Emily to lose the BINKY!!! It is way past due, and she had no reason as to why she needed GOOD-BYE binky. I think that I was just so ready for the binky to go away that I didn't think about what would be best for Emily. I never researched it or talked to other people...I just figured that she should go "cold turkey". 

NOW...almost a week later...she still doesn't go down for a nap, or for bed time, very easily. At the very least, I have had to go in twice to calm her down from all of her crying. With that said...even before we decided to take away the binky, she started putting up a huge fight before bed time. She wouldn't open her mouth to let me brush her teeth, she fought me putting her pajamas on, she would purposely get in trouble and try to get into time out...just to prolong the inevitable of bed time. 

With that said...maybe Emily is just bored, not having a binky to suck on anymore, so she is just finding a new way to stretch out bed time. Every time I go in to her room to get her, she immediately asks to cuddle on her rocking chair. 

I don't know what to do. Do I give in and give her the binky back? What will that do to trying to get rid of it in the future? Do I give her tough love and know that eventually she will get over it? AAAaaaaa!!!!!

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