I Just Got the Mother Load of Paper Work

Friday, October 28, 2011
Craig and I recently had a little flame lit under us to get the adoption process moving again. I guess I just got a little discouraged when we were told by the agency that...because we were looking for an infant...it could take up to three + years. When told that...I just kept thinking, "Why rush?"

So, when we received our letter of approval, it also told us that we needed to complete the PRIDE training class (which we completed right before we found out we were pregnant with Emily), and a CPR/First Aid class. Once we faxed them our certificates they would sign us up for the next step in their adoption process...a class called "Next Step Class" (Clever, right?)

OK...so here is where we are at now:
CPR/First Aid: Signed up for a class next month

I called the agency to ask them when their "Next Steps" class was scheduled so I could put it on our calendar. Well, I received a reply from them today!!! The email said that they are actually in the middle of turning their "Next Steps" class into an online class so that couples can complete it on their own time.


And then...they attached the paperwork that I would normally receive AFTER the "next steps" class. It is a LOAD of paperwork. I can't believe I have it!! I can't believe I'm not working on it now!! Once this paperwork is completed, they assign us a caseworker. Once we have a caseworker, then they will schedule a home study. Once the home study is done...then we play the waiting game!!!


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