Potty Training = Not My Idea of Fun!!

Friday, July 15, 2011
Aaarrgggghhhh!!! It's my summer vacation...and potty training isn't my idea of the perfect summer activity. I know they say you aren't supposed to fight the training, if your child isn't ready then give it a break. For some reason, I thought this really wouldn't be that big of a deal, and just like a new kitty cat...all I would have to do was show Emily the toilet and the entire concept would click for her. Well, my ideal bubble has just gone POP!!

My attempts at a strategy include the following:

1. Setting the timer every 20 minutes
2. Going potty WITH Emily. I found that she just hated to go potty, but if mama went on the big potty and Emily went on her training potty, she was OK.
3. Rewarding with M&M's...which I gave her one piece at the beginning so she could taste their goodness, and then I would reward myself every time I went potty, so she could see how the reward system worked.

It seems that even though we are going potty every 20 minutes, she will wait until mommy has pulled up her panties and them potty in her pants!!! And then she precedes to ask me to change her!! She has gone poo-poo in the potty before...a number of times in the past. But now that we are officially in the training zone...I GET NOTHING!!!

Who has suggestions for me? Do I take a break...Do I press on?


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