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Monday, July 18, 2011

One of my favorite blogs is: A Girl And A Glue Gun I came across a great post about making your own menu planning board. What did I like most about it? IT WAS SUPER CUTE!!! to Artco Crafts Store to get my materials.
I made some changes to her instructions, though they didn't all work in my favor. Instead of using the magnetic primer, I purchased a 12x12 sheet of metal to fit on the inside of the frame. That worked out great...however, my downfall came when I thought I could put magnetic strips on the perimeter of the back of the frame...WRONG. The problem is that my refrigerator isn't perfectly flat, so there just wasn't enough magnetic strength to hold the weight of the frame to the side of the fridge. To overcome this, I purchased a plate holder (at least that's what I think you call it), so that I could place the menu board nicely on the counter.

Here is the finished product:

Because I don't have a huge bag of tricks in the form of recipes...I didn't know exactly what to type up for menu cards to use on the board. Instead, I used a chalk board pen to write on the plastic calendar sheet.

Have fun, I would love to see your pictures if you go and make your own.

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