Emily's Sick With Croup

Friday, May 27, 2011
Picture Yesterday, by the end of the day, I noticed that Emily was starting to get a bit of cough but we didn't think anything of it because she was acting normal and being just as active as is regularly. Unfortunately, the very next day, during my 1st period class, I received a call from Craig informing me that Emily was too sick to go to our friends house for the day and that I needed to come home so he could go to work (he had stayed home the previous day because our friends daughter was sick).

When I arrived home, Emily was laying on Craig's chest and when she saw me she started to cry...(tears of joy, I'm sure) and she hoped out of his lap and came running for me. I picked her up and she immediately rested her head on my shoulder. POOR BABY!!!!

For a couple of hours before her nap, she was just super clingy and cuddly, but nothing else out of the ordinary. Craig said that he had already taken her temperature and that she was fine. After lunch, I put her down for her nap and she was out cold...lickity split!!! She normally sleeps on average for two hours, maybe a little more. Emily ended up sleeping over three and a half hours long. Since so much time had passed...as soon as I heard her making some noises in her crib I went in to go and get her (I didn't want her to sleep the day away for fear that she would struggle going to sleep on time for her normal bedtime).

Well, when I got her out of her crib, I didn't like what I heard. She sounded like she was really struggling to breath. I called the doctor's office immediately to see if they could squeeze me in (I guess that's the nice thing about living just a couple miles away). They had an opening within 15 minutes...PERFECT. Once we arrived, it didn't take long for the doctor to diagnose Emily with croup. She said that the sound that Emily was making was called, "stridor". She gave us a prescription and basically prepared me for battle if Emily's symptoms got worse.


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