Emily Loves Her Some Chips And Salsa

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Craig and I took Emily to our favorite Mexican Restaurant for the first time...and let's just say, it didn't take long for Emily to warm up to the chips and salsa. She started out with just eating the chips...and then when she saw "mama" dipping her chips into the colorful salsa, I quickly hear, "bite, bite, bite". So I let her dip her chip in the salsa, thinking for sure she wouldn't like it. Well, write this one in the books...I was actually wrong. It was quite the opposite...she couldn't get enough of the stuff. She went from eating her chips to using the chips as a vehicle to suck down some salsa. She just stopped biting the chips and reused the same one to dip into the salsa...HA!!! Eventually, she just did away with the chip as though it was slowing the process down, and she began to simply dip her own finger. Such a bright young lady. HA HA!!


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