Adoption Paperwork Update

Friday, November 4, 2011 the paperwork isn't as awful as I expected it to be, and when I say "awful" I mean as long and detailed as I imagined.

When I actually broke it down, here is what I have left to do.

Like I said in a previous post:

  • We are taking our CPR/First Aid class tomorrow
  • We turned in our FBI fingerprints in the mail yesterday (please pray for a quick processing time)
  • We already completed our PRIDE training
In regards to the new paperwork:

  • We both have to have a Dr.'s check-up (which we are scheduled to do next week). Our doctor has to fill out some paperwork and send it straight to the agency
  • We have to have 4 references completed (which I have already sent out to our friends and family members in hopes that those will also be sent to the agency soon)
  • Then there are two sets of paperwork, one set for our case worker, and one set required by the state. Once all of the paperwork is completed, we have to burn it onto a CD and send it to the agency. 
I have already finished the set of paperwork for our case worker, and I hope to complete the state's paperwork by the end of this weekend. Once that is all turned in, then they assign us a case worker and we schedule our home study.
While we wait for the home study, they gave me detailed instructions on how to make a family profile, which seems to pretty much be a family scrapbook for the birth mothers to look through when they are trying to choose a family for their baby.

So there you go! So much happening right now. I am on fire!!! I want to get this done and be able to sit back and not have the "wait" be because of me anymore. Though, anyone who knows me...knows that I will not be able to just sit there and wait. Who am I kidding??? Nonetheless, I want to be able to complete my side of the work.

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  1. I'm so excited to see everything coming together! Keep up the good work :) You're in my prayers!


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