Living Room/Dining Room Update: Part 1

Saturday, January 15, 2011
After living in our new"er" house for five years now...we have come to the conclusion that it is LONG overdue to make some much needed improvements around the house. Now...Craig and I rarely ever agree on "changes" right away. We both have our own idea of how things should look, where things should be placed, and if things need to be changed. I knew that moving forward with "change" was not going to be an easy task, nor would it be much fun...but I we both knew that it HAD to get done.

Craig and I scheduled some time to sit down and go room to room as we created a wish-list of what we would like to see happen in each room. Now, I have to admit, I am a pretty lucky woman when it comes to Craig...once he sets his mind on something...the job gets done!!! Once we were able to agree on some cosmetic changes around the house, Craig was off and running to Lowe's for supplies.

First on his list of changes to be made, Craig decided to work on dividing wall between our living and dining room. The divider comes our from the wall about three feet on each side and creates a large arched way between the two rooms. We decided that since most of the doorways are outlined with detailed wood trim, that we would create half wall with square pillars and wood detail in hopes that would match the rest of the house better.

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