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Sunday, March 24, 2013

This is an example of our giveaway
My husband, like many, is NOT an easy person to find presents for. To make matters worse, he is SO GOOD at giving gifts!! He is always so thoughtful and can come up with the most creative gifts, big and small, for any occasion. The two things that makes Craig so difficult to buy for is that: 1. he is such a tech nerd and I know nothing about that world, and 2. he just buys whatever he wants anyways.
Well, Valentines day was coming and I knew he was going to do something sweet and sentimental for me...and I was at a loss with what I could do for Craig. I knew that Craig absolutely LOVED getting handmade gifts from our 3 year old daughter and he also loved receiving pictures of the kids throughout the day or videos of them it got me thinking...Emily says a few things that just crack Craig and I up, and we don't correct her verbiage because we just enjoy how our little girl talks and we are OK with her not growing up super fast. One of our favorite lines of hers is when she asks, "What does dis doos?" (What does this do?) We just love it!!! So it made me think about a bracelet I saw on Pinterest. It was a soundwave bracelet that represented the soundwave of a phrase being said.

 I knew that the bracelet wasn't being produced anymore and besides that it couldn't be personalized with your own I wanted to see if I could find some sort of "sound wave" gift on Etsy.
I started to look for another sound wave bracelet, but ultimately I didn't know how solid they would be and I didn't think that Craig would be super excited to wear that sort of a bracelet. Within my search, I came across "sound wave art" at the Owlish Grey store. It was  PERFECT!!!

Here's what you do...first you make a recording (the shorter it is the more detailed the artwork), you send it to the Etsy store owner, then she sends you a preview of the artwork to make sure it is everything you hoped it would be...and finally you receive the printed art in the mail along with a QR Code so that you can scan the code with your smart phone and listen to the actual recording whenever you want.
Since this was going to be a Valentines Day gift, I wanted to combine something that the kids could be a part of and be sentimental as well. I ended up making two recordings. I first recorded Emily saying, "I LOVE YOU DADDY" in her sweet little girl voice and then I recorded Andrew giggling. For Valentines Day, I sent off Emily's recording for the art work, and then I plan on sending Andrew's recording later for a smaller card print. it is! I bought the frame at Target, and I just love how it all came together. This is the actual sound wave of Emily's sweet voice saying, "I love you Daddy". It was absolutely PERFECT!

Gemma, the owner of Owlish Grey was such a pleasure to work with. She was quick to get back with me regarding some questions I had, and she worked super hard to get the print out as soon as possible so it would arrive in time for Valentine's Day. Here is Gemma's description of herself:

Hi, I'm Gemma Hutchinson, the maker and creator of Owlish Grey. I shall confess now that I am a super geek - I love rocks and space and brains and think the periodic table is beautiful. But I don't see this as a problem! In fact, my crazy liking for geology, geometry and everything galactic definitely inspires my jewellery making... in a good way (I think).

I come from a family of imaginative and crafty people, and have been a creator of all sorts for as long as I can remember. I am completely addicted to the whole inventive process; I lose sleep over ideas and can often be found whiling away the twilight hours pottering away at some new creation. I think up new designs every day and just wish I had Bernard's watch* so I could have the time to make them all. I love to make things that people all over the world will wear and love, and it's great when someone has a particular need that I can meet with a custom item.

Her store is AMAZING, and I'm happy to announce that she is going to do a giveaway for us. Gemma is going to give away a set of ANY 5 Periodic Table cards to the winner. ALSO, if you are not fortunate to win the giveaway prize, you can receive a 15 % discount in her Etsy store by using the code: SHOEPER15 when checking out of her Etsy store.

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  1. Heather, that is the BEST gift EVER!!! Great job:)

  2. LOVE it!!!

  3. I really like the "genius" card, I would frame it and put in Jackson's room.


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