Andrew's 7 Months Old

Monday, February 25, 2013
You are now 7 months old, and you are growing so fast. This month alone you have accomplished three major milestones. On March 6th, you began to cut your first tooth...and then two days later we noticed that you were cutting your second tooth right next to the first one. were not a fan of that at all...but you now have a super duper cute smile with two tiny teeth sitting on the bottom of your mouth.
On March 19th, you used our ottoman to pull yourself up to a stand and then you began to reach over towards one of your tall toys. You are so not afraid of much right now...even though your head has met the floor on many occasions. 
Also, this month you have graduated from your "commando" style of transportation and moved on to crawling on your hands and knees like a champ. I have really got to keep my eye on you now. If you aren't chasing the cat around the house, or heading for the dog food bowl, you are making your way to your sister's room...where Lord knows how many tiny toys she has for you to get into trouble with. 
This has been a super fun month to watch you grow. Your smile is so contagious and your eyes and hypnotizing. You are such a handsome little man!


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