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Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Emily's Nursery
When we put Emily’s nursery together, we made the “base” of the nursery very neutral so that we wouldn’t have to make a lot of changes to the room if we had a boy in the future. Emily’s nursery was cute…we painted the walls a soft sage green and then on the wall behind the crib, we painted wide stripes with the same sage green color…only it was a different finish: flat/semi-gloss. In my opinion, it was the perfect subtle touch to the nursery. The furniture was a cherry finish and the crib set was a done with gender-neutral colors: greens, creams, and brown. To add the “girly” touches, we added hints of lavender color through accessories that could easily be changed out if we had a boy in the future.
Enter Andrew…and three years later…I became bored with the nursery and wanted to change a lot more than I needed to. In order to keep Craig happy, I had to make the changes in a budget friendly way…so off to my sewing machine to dust it off. 
I found a couple of great tutorials for making a new crib set as well as a super cute contoured changing pad cover. Here are the links along with pictures of my finished projects. 
This tutorial was very easy to follow for someone who is a "beginner" sewer. I found this on the "SEW4HOME" website, which offers many step-by-step tutorials. I completed my bumpers slightly differently. Instead of sewing each individual bumper, I made one super long tube for the bumpers. As I sewed it, I inserted each bumper, and then sewed the tube more, and then inserted another bumper. Between each bumper, I sewed a seam down the middle of the tube so that it could easily bend around the corners of the crib. I was SUPER happy with the end result. As for the ties...I simple hand stitched satin ribbons between each bumper. It turned out perfectly!!!

As for the crib skirt, I didn't have a tutorial to follow, but I did have a couple of pictures that I wanted to model my skirt after.  This was the "look" that I was going for (minus the ruffles...after all it is for a boy's room). So, with my mother's help, we put the crib skirt together and I couldn't have been happier with the end result. We used a super big bowl to make the rounded edges in the front. Then I used a pre-made biased tape for the edges around the front, sides and back. As for the peek-a-boo portion, I used a small rope with the brown polk-a-dot fabric (the same that I used for the top of the bumpers) on the bottom.

Now, as for the window in the nursery. For Emily's room we had a short valence and baby-proof blinds to block the light out. Unfortunately, due to the position of the window...when the sun would set the light would pierce through the perimeter of the window and landed directly in the crib. Craig's solution to this up a black bed sheet. It was so ugly, but as long as it was functional, Craig didn't care.
Fixing this problem was on the top of my to-do list for updating the nursery. I saw this picture on Pinterest, however it wasn't a tutorial. I liked how the window matched the style of the window in the nursery: tall and thin. I also liked how it gathered on one side of the window in order to let some light in.

Those were the major updates to Andrew's nursery. You can see that we switched out Emily's butterfly's above the crib for letters of the alphabet. Once we finish with the decorations, I'll post pictures of the completed nursery. I can't wait for it to come together.


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