DIY Kitchen Cabinets

Friday, April 1, 2011
DIY KAfter completing our large living/dining project, Craig moved all of his tools into the!! Our kitchen cabinets are in such desperate need of a makeover! First of all, they have no design to them whatsoever. They are flat, they don't close smoothly, and let's not forget how there just isn't enough "Mr. Clean Magic Eraser" to clean them up and make them sparkle.

Since Craig and I started our remodel, I have started to hear this strange noise in my head, "cha-ching...cha-ching". Hmm...trying not to drain our savings account is going to be a challenge...HOWEVER, when you have a handy-dandy man like mine, Craig laughs in the face of a wood working challenge. YEAH me for finding a man who inherited some amazing craftsmanship from his grandpa.     Before I knew it, Craig was off and running to Lowe's to pick up some trim pieces. Craig sanded down the doors, fit the trim pieces around the perimeter and then asked me what I thought. "It looks great"...I said, even though I really wasn't feeling it. I have absolutely no ability to visualize somethings potential without being able to see the finished product. Luckily Craig had just finished some amazing wood work in our living room so I was in a trusting mood.

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It wasn't until "tag team" went into motion and it was my turn to add the primer and paint. HOLY TOLEDO!!! I couldn't believe the final transformation. In looking at the cabinets above, the only thing that we added was two pieces of trim around the perimeter, the trim around the base of the cabinets, and then the knobs. It looks like a brand new kitchen...I just love it!

Our next project, coming up soon, will be a set of glass cabinets on the wall opposite of what you are looking at in the pictures above. Our idea is to have my brother do some simple stained glass design and then to have Craig add a small detail of trim! Come back to watch the progress!!


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