Friday, November 12, 2010
After calling Seattle Reproductive to inquire about a consultation meeting with their doctor...I found out that the appointment would cost $350 and that doesn't include any lab work. I really wasn't that surprised though...I knew my insurance didn't cover anything, but I guess I had a small amount of hope that maybe...I don't know...I guess I have a short memory because nothing was covered before, why would I think that it would be covered now?

So, I thought, maybe I could save some money...if I'm going to have to get labs taken, why not get them with my regular gynecologist so that my insurance would cover the cost? To my advantage, the office had an opening on my day off recently, so I was able to see one of my favorite mid-wives. After giving her the update of the past five years and sharing with her my new fears of having an irregular cycle and inquiring about PCOS...she was able to calm me down. She began by saying I clearly don't have PCOS and as for my irregular cycle, she seemed to think that, even though my cycle isn't the most consistent of cycles, she still believes that I am somewhat regular and quite possibly ovulating. She didn't recommend having any labs drawn. She said that it really didn't need to be done since I have already had labs drawn in the past and it really wouldn't change her recommendation of putting my on clomid. Clearly, Craig and I were able to get pregnant, so something worked out the way it should have.

I questioned her recommendation of using clomid. My fear was that, since I was told, in the past, that I don't really ovulate, what good would clomid do for me. I always understood clomid to be able to tell your ovaries to create a bunch of follicles...but if you can't ovulate, nothing would happen to the follicles. When I was at the GYFT, they would actually give me a shot that forced me to ovulate the follicles. My mid-wife corrected my misconception of clomid telling me that clomid is actually an ovulation enforcer. The reason I was given a shot at the GYFT was so that they could control as much of my cycle as possible. By controlling ovulation they would know the exact day to perform each of the inseminations...makes sense to me now!!

So, what's the conclusion? After talking to Craig, we agreed to hold off on the the consultation with SRM. It just doesn't make sense since I don't want to do anymore "big" procedures. We decided to move forward with clomid through my regular gynocologist's office. It would be completely covered by insurance under "irregular cycles" since clomid is used to regulate cycles. So, there you have it. Bring on the hormones...this should be interesting. Looking back at my journal, the only thing I wrote was that clomid gave me crazy headaches...hopefully that was the worst of it.


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